MyFit Fitness

MyFit Fitness

Have you ever wanted one fitness app that does absolutely everything you need it to? Chances are most of us are in the same boat but luckily the MyFit Fitness app seems to be the solution to all your needs.

The stand-out feature of this app is the ability for it to tailor your fitness regime automatically for you and if you’re not entirely happy with it you can swap some exercises in and out of the routine. Once satisfied, you’re off and exercising at the touch of your finger, the app guiding you through your routines. For instance, if you’ve chosen a circuits program it will tell you when to move on to the next exercise, when to rest and when to speed up/slow down and everything else you might wish for.

Sharing your progress and tracking your body shaping how you’ve always wanted it to is a breeze – make all your friends jealous on Facebook and Twitter by posting your progress for all your unfit friends to see – you’ll have them hooked in no time! This really is a wonderful app – the database of exercise is massive and this app definitely contains some of the best weight loss exercises.

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Lose the Belly

lose belly weight

This handy app contains a decent range of videos showing you some of the most efficient tummy fat burning exercise that exist. The app is great if you’re in a rush and need a quick 10 minute exercise fix in the morning before work, or feel like burning some extra belly fat before heading to bed. Also including some really useful diet tips, it’s perfect if you’re out and about and need to pick something up for dinner – just fire up the app and go and grab some ingredients from the local store before heading home to prepare a healthy, high protein and low fat meal.

What’s great is that there are videos included just in case you’re not sure of exactly how to do a particular exercise or how to pull off some of the more difficult yoga poses. An easy to navigate menu system is always a plus in any app, knowing exactly where to go to get exactly what you need. You’ll be twisting and crunching those abs in no time with the Lose The Belly App. If you need some extra motivation, then there are some before and after photos of successful transformations to give you that extra little nudge. A cheap and handy app, for sure.

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Pocket Yoga

pocket yoga

It was only a matter of time before a concise and easy app for Yoga came on to the market and Pocket Yoga seems to be the one that’s going to dominate the market. Some of the yoga apps out there don’t contain a voice guidance system, which isn’t very helpful especially if you’re using your phone and you can’t necessarily see the moves very well. Pocket Yoga does, of course, making it instantly a winner. Not only that but it features a large portfolio of pose images indicating what perfect form looks like, ensuring that you’re getting the most out of your Yoga experience.

Make your choice between 3 different difficulties, 3 different durations and 3 different Yoga practices giving you an extensive 27 different options to choose from, all full of the most beneficial Yoga poses on the planet. Pocket Yoga will also track your progress for you along your Yoga journey with the poses being expertly designed by Yoga professionals and tutors.

If you’re not fond of the built in Yoga music then you’re able to play your own music on your device and coupled with the differing Yoga environments that unlock as you practice more and more Yoga, you’ll be immersed in no time. Full immersion will come if you put Pocket Yoga through your device to your TV!

Ideal for beginners and experts alike, Pocket Yoga is a must-have if you’re serious about Yoga and want to be able to take part in your favorite Yoga moves when you’re on the move.

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Dietician app review


With our world and lives moving over to apps at the touch of a finger, more and more are popping up that seem to help us with our weight and diet, but how can you know that they’re any good? Well, Dietician seems to serve its purpose very well. In simple terms, Dietician is a diet meal planning app for the iPhone and iPod Touch allowing you to use its generator to create meals for you, taking away the time and energy of you having to think up of a meal that you believe is healthy. What makes it really good is that it tailors the meals it generates given the parameters and goals that you tell it, containing hundreds of different recipes and a core of 5 different diet plans for you to pick to suit you.

If you feel like the diet you’re following isn’t for you, then tweak it or switch to another. Dietician is already helping thousands of people worldwide obtain a happier, healthier lifestyle at the simple swipe or touch of a finger, it even tells you exactly what you need to buy! At the current excellent price, you’d be hard-pushed to find a similar app that’s been so successful already!

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Your Ideal Weight and BMI PRO

bmi and weight tracker

Losing weight has never been more important than today. All sorts of ailments, including diabetes can develop in those who do not manage their weight. For those with weight problems and a Smartphone, help isn’t too far away. The program titled Your Ideal Weight and BMI PRO can help track your weight loss progress, share your weight loss success and do so without any popup advertisements. It gives you the basic math required to set a reasonable amount of weight to lose per week, which is great for those who need consistent motivation.

It’s ideal for anyone with a weight problem and the motivation to lose the weight. Any age can really appreciate being able to track the weight needed to shed in order to be healthy.

It’s definitely a simplistic program that offers only the basics of how your BMI would rate you in terms of health and fitness. Combining this with another program, like a calorie tracker would definitely improve the usefulness and assistance needed for those who have this program.

One positive of this program is the low purchase price. One flaw is that some argue BMI is an arbitrary measurement of health.

Overall, you should buy this if you are going to use it as part of a series of apps to keep you losing weight consistently.

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My Plate Calorie Tracker

Calorie Tracker

The Calorie Tracker by Livestrong will help you reach your weight loss, fitness and diet goals. It does this by tracking your exercise and your daily intake of calories. To begin losing weight all you need to do is enter in your goals and then track your calories and fitness program. The Calorie Tracker has a handy food journal that contains more than 625,000 food items as well as fitness items. Because you are constantly tracking what you are eating and the exercise you are doing you watch what you’re doing more.

With just a click of a button, this app will allow you to track and look up your daily fat, caloric, protein and carbohydrate intake. There is a huge amount of food entries to choose from. In fact, a lot of competitors of the Calorie Tracker only carry around 7,000 food items in their journals – that’s compared to Livestrong’s Calorie Tracker that has over 625,000. So there is no more guessing how many calories your food may contain.

The Calorie Tracker will also track the amount of calories you burn. The Calorie Tracker has many entries in the database of exercises and the amount of calories you burn is specific to you and your measurements.

No matter whether you are looking to lose or gain weight or even maintain your current weight the Calorie Tracker app will help you with all your goals. The Calorie Tracker is a nutritionist, dietitian, food planner and calorie counter all at the touch of a button.

After using this app I can say that it is perfect for anyone looking to lose weight or even improve their eating habits like I badly needed to do. The application won’t tell you what you should and shouldn’t do, however it will show you what you are doing and suggest your daily calorie intake for you to follow. However, you are in total control of the application so there is no point in lying about what you have eaten or what exercise you have done.

The search fields are easy to use for both the foods you’re looking for as well as the exercise you’re doing. You can easily find out how many calories something contains before eating it or finding out which is the best fat burning exercise for you. There is a limit to how much weight you can lose in a week and this is important to ensure you are doing it in a healthy way and that the weight you lose, stays off.

The thing I really loved about this app was that you could sync it up to the website as well so you input information into the app while you’re out at a restaurant and then sync it to the website so you have the same information no matter where you are. The app contains so many different food types that I found everything that I wanted and didn’t have to guess how many calories my meal contained.

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Yoga Stretch

yoga stretch

Using the Yoga STRETCH app for your phone you can create as well as save up to 5 different yoga sessions or you can use the already loaded session on the app. You are able to use your own music to do the yoga to as well.

Yoga STRETCH is made up of traditional yoga poses which are sequenced with the Vinyasa flow. This app is designed to improve your balance, increase your strength, improve your posture and make you more flexible. Using this app is like having your own yoga instructor who will help you each step of the way.

This app has so many great features including being able to have custom Yoga sessions added by you as well as a preloaded session that is 60 minutes long. You are able to use the audio instructor which will tell you which poses to do and when – this audio can also be turned off. The audio instructor also gives information about the poses, which steps to do to get into that pose and how to hold the pose. You are also able to choose between 6 different songs to do the Yoga too or use your own music. You can pause the session at any time and are able to skip through poses if you wish.
The opening screen of the Yoga STRETCH screen has 5 different options; the poses and custom options will let you set up a routine and you can view each type of pose individually. You can also turn off the audio here or the music.

What I really liked about this app is that I can choose my own music to do the Yoga poses too and I really liked that the instructor told me how to get into the poses and more importantly how to hold the pose for a longer period of time without feeling like I was going to break off a part of my body. This is great for anyone who is a beginner like me as some of the poses are really hard. The one thing I felt wasn’t quite so great was the illustrations; I think a little more attention to detail would have made the poses easier to do and make sure you have it right.

Personally I think this app is incredible and is really cheap as well, making it a great value for money app that actually does some great things for your health, balance and well being.

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Lose It!

lose it

Using Lose It the application for your smartphone can help you set your goals to lose weight. You can make a goal of how many calories you want to eat and use the app to keep to that amount. You can record your food intake as well as the exercise you do each day. Lose It has helped users lose an average of 12lbs and a huge 85% of users of this app have managed to lose weight.

Lose It! Has many great features including the fact that it is simple to use and has an streamlined and attractive interface. There is a very comprehensive list of foods and exercise in the database and you are able to add new foods to the database when you want to. You can also add any exercises you do that are not already listed and set up different recipes to work out the total calorie content of a recipe. There are shortcuts on the app just as being able to easily add to previous meals, add to your foods and many more. You are able to track fat, proteins and carbohydrates with the touch of a button and you are able to print out detailed reports directly from your smartphone. This app will work with or without a network connection and you won’t ever be spammed with unwanted advertisements.

The thing I really liked about this app was that you could sign up for a free account and get so many more features such as logging your food intake and exercise input onto the website. You can back up your information automatically and you are able to add your friends for extra support and to help keep you motivated. There is an award system to help you achieve your goals and you can share recipes and goals with friends. Using the online app in conjunction with your smartphone app means you can get more detailed reports and even export the data into a spreadsheet. You can also get reminders if you have forgotten to log your information into the app.

I loved the fact that this app made me really think about the foods I was eating and made me think twice before picking up the chocolate bar. When you first start the application you have to enter information such as your current weight, your height, age and gender – this will help to determine what your goals should be. It is so easy to use and track how you are going with achieving your goals. I love the fact that your progress or even lack off is charted in graph form making it really easy to read and know at a glance whether you are achieving what you set out to achieve.

Being able to customize the Lose It! App to fit with the foods I eat and the exercise I prefer was a huge bonus as it made it personally for me and was tailored to my needs and I wasn’t having to estimate how many calories I’d eaten or burnt as it was all in the app. The best thing about this app I personally think is that I was thinking more about what I was eating and made me think about things a little more – doing this helped me lose the weight I wanted to.

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Fast Food Calorie Counter App

fast food calorie counter

If, like me you have a hard time sticking to a diet that doesn’t involve at least a little fast food then this might just be the app for you. With this app you can keep your diet on track and still go out and eat at fast food restaurants. The app has over 9,000 menu items from 73 different restaurants. Each and every item has all the nutritional information you could want about the food such as the fat content, fiber content, carb content, calories and the protein. There will be updates coming very soon for this app and the best thing of all is that the updates are all free.

These days we all use mobile devices such as smartphones and these are making our lives a little easier. We are all busy these days trying to juggle our work and home lives and sometimes we just don’t have the time to cook a meal to help us watch our calories and of course we turn to fast food which certainly doesn’t have all the nutritional requirements we need – the menus at these places are generally full of calories, fat and carbs which makes life difficult if you’re like me and are watching what you eat.

Using this great app means that you can find out exactly how many calories are in the food before you purchase them. There is an extensive menu list for you to choose from, this makes it easy for you to choose fast food items that have a lower fat content and less calories. The app is really easy to use as it lists the restaurants first – you choose the one you’re at or are going to and it will list the foods available from that place. Click on a food item and all the information about that food is right there.

The categories on the app are listed alphabetically by default, so for instance, beverages is followed by breakfast and so on. However, you can easily sort every item alphabetically just by clicking a few buttons. There is also an option so you can search the menu items by just typing in the name of the item. This makes is really easy to use.

The only thing I would say against the app was that when you search for an item it doesn’t save the entry so you have to search all over again at another time. Also if you close up your device the search results just disappear. The search mode also only works in landscape mode using a hard keyboard. All of this seems a little strange to me, but perhaps these problems will be fixed with the new updates that are coming soon.

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Weight Loss Sensei

weight loss sensai

This app turns your mobile device into your very own weight loss and dietitian coach. This is an entirely new way to look at weight loss and has been developed by the very best experts in both health and technology.

There are many reasons why this app will work for you, just as it has for me. The best thing about it is how easy it is to stick to. The weight loss Sensai will create a meal plan with recipes and a shopping list personalized to you. This is entirely based on the foods you like to eat and whether you eat at home or whether you eat out. You can access this app from either your mobile device or your web browser at no additional cost.

Because it is a mobile app, you can take it with you no matter where you go. It is also entirely flexible if you need to change a meal plan or decide to go out to eat at the last moment. You just need to input the information into the app and it will give you many new options to choose from. The encouragement this app provides you is wonderful and really keeps you motivated. You can also get reminders about when to do different activities, ones that you enjoy and at times you schedule. The foods have been developed by dietitians, doctors and psychologists and offer you heart healthy meals.

Because we’re all so busy, it can be so hard to try and stick to a certain meal plan. Using Sensai allows you to still be spontaneous while following a meal plan that you can use whether you’re eating at home, or eating on the go. I really enjoyed using Sensai at restaurants and being able to easily choose the best nutritional foods for me from the menu just by taking a quick look at the app. The weight loss Sensai also remembers the types of food you like, so you won’t end up eating a lot of rabbit food. You lose weight while still enjoying the foods you love.

You can also use the weight loss Sensai on your desktop and sync it with your mobile device. Obviously it’s a great app to have on your mobile device as you can take it with you wherever you go and know that you are making the right choices in the foods you decide to eat while out. I absolutely recommend this app as I love the fact I didn’t have to eat food I didn’t like as I can never stick to diets as the food is just disgusting to me.

If you are thinking about buying this app you should check out the Sensei website, it has a slideshow on it that will give you a walk-through of the entire app and there is a slideshow which clearly displays everything this app has to offer you.

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FoodScanner – Calorie, Diet, and Weight Loss

Despite what most diets promise you, there is only one sure way to lose weight, and more importantly keep it off, you have to watch your calories, your fat, and your nutrition, and make good choices. If you don’t make different choices, any weight you lose comes back in short order because those eating habits just won’t change. Luckily, there are apps out there to help you, apps like DailyBurn’s Food Scanner app.

food scanner

This comprehensive app has over 200 thousand products and items in its database, which is growing all the time through the barcode scanning function in the application. It can compile your calorie intake, and help you stay on track as you make better choices for your long-term health and weight loss. By syncing your data with their online resources, you can also track your history, and favorites, so that you can watch your progress as you lose the weight for good from your better choices.

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UPDATE: This app is now called “Daily Tracker”

Calorie Counter & Diet Tracker

Most people will try anything to lose weight; they will latch onto any diet they can find. Any quickie diets leave out an important component, they don’t get you to change your lifestyle so as soon as you are done dieting, the pound come back. These days it’s so much easier to change your lifestyle, especially when you have the help of apps like MyFitnessPal’s Calorie Counter & Diet Tracker.


This app is a great method of incorporating life changes into your weight loss goal, because it gives you all the tools you need in one place, and lets you access those tools from anywhere with internet access. This program has a full calorie and exercise recorder, and a full database of foods with their nutritional info. They also have a barcode scanner included, so you can find enter your purchases into your diet plan. With their online tools that allow you to keep track of everything even when you don’t have your food, and friends and family connector so you can compare things, this free tool will give you the means to take the actions you need to change your lifestyle to lose the pounds permanently.

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Free Best Smoothies Recipes

smoothies app

Get Healthier and Lose Weight with Smoothies

If you have to work on losing weight the traditional “diet” foods can get boring really fast. You have to get a little bit creative and find ways to indulge your tastebuds without harming your body. Smoothies can be a great way to do that. If you choose the right ingredients, you can have a healthy treat or meal supplement that will leave you satisfied and feeling energized.

Everyone finds different flavors and tastes appealing so the same shakes will not always work for everyone. But there are some basic ingredients that you can add to any flavor of shake to make it healthier. Add protein powder to any flavor of smoothie and you’ll automatically be doing yourself some good. Milk or yogurt makes it taste creamier and is filled with vitamins, too. Banana, strawberries, and watermelon are great fruits to add sweetness, as is acai berry juice. With ingredients like these, any smoothie can be filled with antioxidants and vitamins that will keep you feeling great all day long.

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